Intensive Courses

These are specifically catered heavily discounted courses offered to each individual according to their level of driving skill

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Block Courses

These are specifically catered courses according to the customer needs that would not necessarily have a test at the end but the courses are heavily discounted which makes it worth purchasing.

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Driving Assessment

This is a one-hour assessment to those that have driven a number of hours already and just would like to know how many more lessons are needed to take the test. If you are starting from scratch you would be expected to take either the 30 or 36-hour course.

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Test Day Assessments

This is a session where the driving instructor gives the student a test day experience with the real test report paper that would last 35 to 40 mins. This will determine if the candidate is ready for the driving test.

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I have undeniably enjoyed my driving experience with Kelyon as my driving instructor. I have had an amazing journey learning to drive as he not only helped me gain so much confidence when driving but he was also like a life mentor for me as I am a young adult. Kelyon is very positive and clearly wants only the best for his students. Full of laughs and good memories; passing my test was the main highlight of my summer! I passed the first time and I would 100% recommend Kelyon to any learner.
Driving is not easy but it is easier when you have someone who is passionate about what they do 🙂

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Joy Ramsey
North London, Passed

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